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Alfara de la Baronía (V) / 2017

Nursery School

Guardería Alfara

The Alfara nursery school had become out-dated years ago and the spaces it was made up of were plain, characterless and unwelcoming.
The idea for the nursery school of Alfara de la Baronía arose from the necessity to meet the needs of the children and convert existing spaces that felt unwelcoming to provide the children with much nicer and more stimulating surroundings.
The project does not substantially modify the layout of the nursey but rather reinvents it. The facades and the playground are transformed with different coloured panels that completely revitalise the image of the nursery and its surroundings. The warm treatment of the exterior space is introduced inside the building and the theme of colour is repeated, this time combined with white and light tones of the wooden floor.

Guardería Anima Arquitectura
Guardería Ánima arquitectos
Trabajos anima arquitectura
Guardería trabajo ánima arquitectura